Case Study

OEMS had an opportunity to work with a GAS Plant in the UAE to solve a problem they were facing in their Sludge pit & Burn pit in December 2010 with the presence of their HSE Officer.

Demonstration @ Sludge Pit:

We deployed our UPSORB® Mat (Part No: UP 429) near the sludge pit shoreline, which we surrounded with an UPSORB® Boom with rope and snap on hook (Part No: UP 215). They were satisfied with both products and their absorption capacities and placed an order within a week.

Demonstration @ Burn Pit:

We deployed our UPSORB® Mat (Part No: UP 429) & UPSORB® Pillow (Part No: UP 431) in the corner of Burn pit, where condensate from their gas processing was collecting as a layer on top of the water and causing fires. To solve the problem we demonstrated our regular mat which worked very well in absorbing the condensate. As the burn pit pool was large they requested us to make larger mats that they could deploy and recover from the shoreline. To which our offered solution was to suggest a mat with 3 meter lengths and a 3 meter rope to retrieve the mat after it was saturated, or to deploy UPSORB® Flakes. They preferred the UPSORB® Mat solution and we received the order from them for these type of mats.

Developments A normal mat from stock (Part No. UP429) measures 75 cm X 45cm X 3cm

Supplied MAT Measurements: 300 X 45 X 3 cm with 3 Mtr Rope

Developments of New Products:

We would like to inform you that we have developed a new product, which is UPSORB® Pillow- small (Part No: UP 432) for the competitive market.

Details of new Pillow

• Measurements : 25cm x 30cm

• Weight: 200g

• Absorption Capacity: 1-1.5 Ltr

• Standard Package: 24 Pcs / Box

Flake Sack

One more product, which is called Flake Sack its under process of finalizing. Flake Sack can avoid the problem of flying Flakes at the time of deployment. The new Sack is made of a skin of polypropylene that will allow the Sack to be deployed in it’s entirety, thus avoiding the need for the sack to be opened at all. We are currently testing the sack for

• saturated drop test (to ensure the PP skin will not tear when the sack is fully weighed down by liquids)

• The picture below shows the sack with a length of rope attached, while we are testing putting loops of ropes at the corners so that the sack can be lifted out with the help of a boat hook. This frees the operator to attend to other work in the interim and the sack may be collected and disposed in the heavy duty bag that the product was delivered.